SACRAF – One of seven: The Fall Of Pangaea – C.N. FARCAȘ

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Data apariției: August 2021
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The story takes place on Earth. Many millions of years ago. When the continents were united and when people were united.

It is a story about an ideal civilization, with unique culture and ideal values.

There were no problems such as Hunger, Disease or Lack of Shelter.

The civilization system was the 5Canton

The Cantons were:

• Green

• Blue

• Black

• Red

• White

Each canton had 3 optional professions:

• Circle

• Square

• Wave

The Red Canton also has Shield profession

If you liked the water environment and you enjoy building stuff

You could become a BlueCircle

The weather was always a spring-summer weather due to a satellite that controls the atmosphere

There are no tribe names, everyone is born as a WhiteCircle

After they finish White Training, they can choose a Canton and Profession

White Training trains the Mind, the Body and the Spirit

The planet is alive due to an agreement Mars had with someone.

Someone with deceiving intentions


SACRAF – One of seven: The Fall Of Pangaea


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